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What To Look For In A Hunting Jacket

Your hunting jacket should look great, but that’s just a small “piece of the puzzle”. Before you spend your money, familiarize yourself with the most important factors to consider below.

1. Camouflage


The element of surprise is crucial when hunting. A good hunting jacket must be able to disguise your torso (the largest part of your body); otherwise, you won't have successful hunting expeditions. However, while camo is essential, it must match the terrain and vegetation of your hunting area. If you plan on hunting in different areas, you may need more than one camouflage hunting jacket. To make an informed decision, consider where you intend to do the most hunting before you start looking for a hunting jacket.

2. Insulation


Camouflage aside, you’ll need to consider insulation. Hunting jackets should have layers that work perfectly with your body and the weather of the hunting area in question. For instance, when hunting in cool weather, you’ll need a jacket with light layering to allow just the perfect amount of body temperature. The base and mid-layers underneath are the most important for comfort and protection from harsh weather.

3. Accessories (pockets and hoods)


You’ll also need a hunting jacket with enough pockets for carrying your rangefinder, ammunition among other gear you need. The best hunting jackets have custom pockets made for different carrying applications. Accessories like a detachable hood will also come in handy. A hood can act as camouflage and protect you from harsh weather.

4. Overall quality


It also helps to have a jacket that you will use without worrying about tears or injuries from sharp branches, grass, thorns, etc. Hunting takes a toll on clothing. The least you can do is buy a hunting jacket made using highly durable materials. For hunting jackets, consider innovative lightweight but comfortable and tough materials capable of crashing through bushes and brambles. It's actually better to spend a bit more on a hunting jacket that will last decades than buy a cheap one that must be replaced frequently. Besides material, pay attention to the attention to detail, seams, and extras when judging quality. Buy a hunting jacket from a brand that puts a lot of effort and thought in their craft.



While there may be other considerations to make when buying a hunting jacket, you have adequate information above to select the best hunting jacket in the market today. If you get the camo, insulation, accessories, and quality right, you are bound to make a worthwhile purchase.